All current development of AKRip has been discontinued due to increasing amounts of license violations. This library is my work, and it is copyrighted. The library may be used in commercial applications, but in all cases under the terms of the LGPL. Specifically:
It is not permissible to take the code, recompile it, change the name of the resulting DLL and remove my copyright notices.


The AKRip CD-DA Audio Extraction Library is designed to simplify the process of ripping CD audio from music CD's. It allows developers to implement ripping functionality in their own projects. It is implemented as a 32-bit DLL for Windows platforms, and as such can be called from most development environments -- the only requirements are that you be able to define an import module for the DLL functions, and handle the C-style API calls.

Example code using the library is available -- one very simple command-line ripper, one fully-functional command-line ripper and one full-blown windows GUI, all available here.

ActiveX Interface! Peter Tribe's ActiveX component, AKRipAX-20010801.zip, updated with Delphi VCL component and samples.

Delphi Interface! Holger Dors has been kind enough to send me a Delphi interface to the library (updated for v0.93).

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